One meaning of our lives is how we respond to what it presents us. Another is to exercise our freedom to proactively define it by acting upon a foundation of character and purpose.

It was a glorious day fly-fishing the Madison River, MT. Wild rainbow trout, rushing ripples, majestic mountains and…an elegant companion!

The Ongoing Personal Need for Relevance…

An Unspoken But Common Impediment to Ending Your Career.

The anticipation and the actual experience of the end of one’s career is a major life Transition for which traditionally there has not existed the means to prepare for in a comprehensive manner. Beyond the usual concerns most of us think about, there are others that are profound, often unspoken and commonly experienced.

An awesome Alaskan summer sunset over the Pacific Ocean provides a long moment to reflect our relevance in life. The Alaska Range is barely visible in the background.

Reasons I encounter frequently

As I mentor colleagues, consult and speak publicly about end of career Transition, I find that there are several obstacles that prevent many from exercising the opportunity to end one’s career and Transition to the next phase of life. These are some prominent reasons:

The Practice Transition Course for Physicians – Open for Registration!

I am pleased to announce that registration is now open for The Practice Transition Course for Physicians.

I introduced it at the recent 60th. Annual Meeting of the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons.  My thanks to so many of you for your kind compliments, encouragement and support of this endeavor.

This is an innovative, insightful and valuable course that prepares you to design and execute your personal Transition plan.

It is comprehensive and conveniently available to you online. I am confident that it will provide you with tremendous benefit by helping you create a positive Transition characterized by renewal and fulfillment!

Click here for more information.

I was privileged to be interviewed for a three part series of articles appearing in Plastic Surgery News (PSN) that discuss what plastic surgeons experience as they prepare to end their career.

I discuss my methodology of helping colleagues though this major life event by mentoring in a way that is innovative and unique.

This comprehensive method is based on the perspective of a colleague who has been through a sudden end of career.  It includes a new way of thinking about personal, and professional concerns as well managing as a myriad of practice issues.  This includes planning and implementing a staged execution of your end of career.  The benefit is anticipating and living a positive experience that I characterize as a Transition that results in lasting personal renewal and fulfillment.

Date: December 5, 2016
Appearance: Retiring from practice requires an exit strategy
Outlet: Plastic Surgery News - PSN December-January Edition
Format: Newspaper

The Practice Transition Course for Physicians – Coming in early December!

I am pleased to announce that I will be releasing my new online course in the next few days: The Practice Transition Course for Physicians.

I learned from my personal Transition experience, in depth study as well as from mentoring other colleagues that there is a real need for a method to learn how to design and execute your Transition plan.  Where one has not previously existed, now it does in the form of this innovative and comprehensive online course.

Well before the projected end date most of you are aware that you have not had the means to prepare.  Most of us also feel the uncertainty and anxiety that goes along with knowing that the end of our professional career is a very challenging life Transition. This convenient course will guide you to create a positive Transition characterized by renewal and fulfillment!

Check here over the next few days for complete information.

I will be presenting a workshop based on my new online course: The Practice Transition Course for Physicians. The end of your professional career is a very challenging life Transition for which a comprehensive method of preparation has not been previously available. The topics presented will help you begin to design a Transition that will be characterized by renewal and fulfillment! I look forward your participation!

Click here to learn about my online course, just released: The Practice Transition Course for Physicians

Date: December 8, 2016
Time: 11:00-12:00 p.m.
Event: 60th. Annual Meeting of the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons
Topic: How to Transition from a Career in Plastic Surgery
Sponsor: Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons
Venue: Naples Grande Beach Resort
Location: Naples, FL
Public: Private

When Preparation Meets Excellence

The Benefits of Focused Preparation Extend Beyond Completing the Task

As residents in my home state of Florida mobilize and prepare for the onslaught of Hurricane Matthew, I hope and pray that those preparations will preserve our safety throughout the state. There are those whose jobs are to help protect the public and will necessarily take risks…but they will be prepared.

And speaking of taking risks and being prepared, here is a look back at a famous event.  The images below are photographs I made from the live TV broadcast seen on my home black-and-white television at the time of the lunar landing July 20, 1969.


neil_amstrong_i_july__20__1969 neil_amstrong_ii__on_moon_july__20__1969_025615_utc







The image on the left shows Commander Armstrong stepping down the ladder; the image on the right shows the moment he stepped on the moon.

Three Questions You Will Greatly Benefit From by Knowing the Answers…Are Within You.

You are designed to be Who you are and can become. That makes you uniquely special, capable of evolving, developing yourself and providing your personal brand of positive contributions to the world you inhabit.

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Great contributions to the world about us are borne of great passions, the Why in us that arises from a clear sense of the values that comprise our character.  Value it, protect it and nurture it.

Even before your conception, our Creator knew the nature or your Who, Why and What. That includes, as you develop yourself, what would be your beginning, your middle, and your end.