I look forward to presenting the leadership and organizational principles that are the basis for creating and developing a Plastic Surgery state society that promotes high standards of practice and patient safety. The model is the highly successful patient safety initiatives of the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons over the past eighteen years.

Date: December 8, 2016
Time: 10:00-11:00 a. m.
Event: 60th. Annual Meeting of the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons
Topic: How to Create and Develop an Effective State Patient Advocacy Program
Sponsor: Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons
Venue: Naples Grande Beach Resort
Location: Naples, Fl
Public: Private

The Physician’s “Retirement” Question: “If I Want to, How do I do it?”

The Impediments are Much More than Financial

For a number of my colleagues, the anticipation of their end of career is anticipated joyfully but with significant concerns. For many others, it is dreaded for a variety of reasons. For both, the impending end of career is a challenging time.

The stresses and worries begin years before the actual anticipated end date. There is a heavy awareness that there are numerous serious considerations that must be managed and tasks that must be completed. We know about many of these. We also know little about numerous other necessary preparations and duties that must be accomplished. That lack of knowledge can make the process unpleasant and bewildering.

When Preparation Meets Excellence

The Benefits of Focused Preparation Extend Beyond Completing the Task

As residents in my home state of Florida mobilize and prepare for the onslaught of Hurricane Matthew, I hope and pray that those preparations will preserve our safety throughout the state. There are those whose jobs are to help protect the public and will necessarily take risks…but they will be prepared.

And speaking of taking risks and being prepared, here is a look back at a famous event.  The images below are photographs I made from the live TV broadcast seen on my home black-and-white television at the time of the lunar landing July 20, 1969.


neil_amstrong_i_july__20__1969 neil_amstrong_ii__on_moon_july__20__1969_025615_utc







The image on the left shows Commander Armstrong stepping down the ladder; the image on the right shows the moment he stepped on the moon.

The Difference Between “Retirement” and Transition

Transition is Worth the Wait

Life comes to us and presents us with a full menu of future transitions. We are naturally prepared for some but not all.

We experience natural preparation as we grow from infancy and our genetic encoding expresses itself as we learn to eat, crawl, walk, run, etc.

As we grow a little older we begin to learn from our parents, our various schools and colleges. We learn early on that we have to work and devote focused effort to succeed at achieving a myriad of milestones. These are the transitions for which there are organizations and systems that help prepare us.

There are challenging life transitions for which there is no real preparation. They are life’s exclamation points.

The Story of the Declaration of Independence

The Seldom Declared History of its Writing

The summer of 1776 was a time of escalating conflict with England. It was a dangerous time for the American colonies and in particular, its leaders.

Military and political uncertainties abounded. The conflict between the American colonists and British soldiers that began in April, 1775 had grown into the Revolutionary War during the summer of 1776.

Is Sunlight the Source of Vitamin D?

Common misconceptions about vitamin D and its sources.

There is considerable misconception among the public about the true source of Vitamin D. That common idea is that sunlight is our only source of vitamin D.

The implication that underlies the question I raise reveals a common misconception.  It is that sunlight is the only source of vitamin D and that if we are exposed to sufficient sunlight, it is not necessary to be concerned about how much of it we ingest with our food or with supplementation. I believe that you should know the key facts about vitamin D that are important for your health and well-being.

The geysers at Yellowstone National Park will simmer for a time and then, suddenly, explode with tremendous power from within the earth’s core.  They do not give up!  Rise up!  © DivineNatureImages.com

It was a beautiful October morning near Telluride, Colorado and I was loaded with camera gear. I had Transition on my mind and everywhere I looked nature expressed change vividly!   © DivineNatureImages.com

It was a splendid morning at the Humboldt – Toiyabe National Forest, CA when I came upon this row of ponderosa pine cones that resembles a path.  With tripod and camera in hand, I created this image that reminded me of the path of generations. I wish you and your families a Happy Father’s Day!

© DivineNatureImages.com