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My readers tell me that they are highly motivated to achieve personal fulfillment and professional success.

Perhaps you, like they, value the interrelationship between Health & Wellness, Personal Development and Leadership skills that are applicable to leading members of your team and organization. For you these attributes are not just a goal… you envision them as future accomplishments. You ask yourself how to do it efficiently and effectively. You keep thinking about the challenges of fulfilling your responsibilities while maintaining a successful, balanced personal and professional life amidst the noise and haste we encounter daily.

Doublet Pool hot spring, Yellowstone National Park.

Doublet Pool hot spring, Yellowstone National Park.

Then there are those of you who may be experiencing a major life transition that you have planned for or even more challenging, one that you did not expect.  Common ones are beginning or changing career paths, perhaps an end to a successful career (either planned or unexpected), or one of many other scenarios. What is certain is that it is commonly stressful for you and your family; the experience compromises your health and well-being…emotionally, physically and possibly spiritually.

What Do You Think?

  • Are you concerned that you may not be doing enough to optimize your Health & Wellness?
  • Do you contemplate how your success can affect your family?  Whether you can really leave them a lasting legacy and through your career to the world that you influence?
  • Do you have clarity about your role as a manager and as a leader?
  • Do you sometimes wonder how to develop and sustain yourself in all these areas when every step feels like going uphill?
  • Does your transition process raise questions about your identity?  What is it?  How do you preserve it?
  • Do you ask yourself: “What is the reservoir of inspiration that can motivate me to accomplish these things and how do I find it?”

If you think these thoughts, you are not unique – they are thoughts that I and many other thoughtful people share.  Personally, they are also part of my reservoir of experience that empowers me to help others.

I Understand How You Feel

I know that an important element of personal and professional success in any field is to understand the relationship between your personal needs and those that your career requires of you. I know that a key component of your compass is to habitually determine what is essential and what is not.  This is critical to avoid becoming overwhelmed and losing focus of other important areas of your life: your faith, health, sense of wellness, family and the world around you.

This was a personal challenge throughout my career as a plastic surgeon as it is now in my second successful career as founder of Inspiring Effective Leadership.  It is a common problem that I witness in those I mentor.  It is essential to function from a solid basis of faith, health, wellness, continuous personal development and leadership of oneself…where leadership of others begins.

As important as these disciplines are to your daily life, they are critical to successfully overcoming the challenges that life’s transitions…both the planned and the unexpected will present you.

In the course of my life, I have overcome many challenges and in the process I have become even more resilient. I understand how important this personal attribute is to you as well.

Personally, I am grateful for my life experience that allows me to help others.


My Purpose in This Endeavor

It is my desire to help empower you to develop yourself to the utmost possible version of the person you can be.  A word of benign caution: it is an evolving quest as you will find that your progress will become the basis of ongoing personal development.

Through my blog, online courses, mentoring, consulting and public speaking I share my knowledge about Health & Wellness, Personal and Leadership Development as well as Life Transitions.  I will provide you with the principles, practices and practical tools to help you along your path.


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I can attest to the fact that you will succeed at turning your dreams into future accomplishments.  You provide the Will, and as your mentor, I will inspire you to create the Way.

With great intentions I wish you the very best!