Throughout my career in plastic surgery and as now as founder of Inspiring Effective Leadership, I have the privilege of working directly with individuals within and outside the medical profession.  I enjoy interacting with talented and motivated leaders that seek to improve their leadership skills and lead themselves and their organizations to greater accomplishments.  This is one of several ways that I can help you:

Consulting. As a consultant there are different ways that I can assist you.  Usually, it involves consulting directly with you, the CEO and your direct reports as needed. Most often this involves a focus on Leadership and Organization Development as applied to specific business objectives.

Within the medical profession I consult with colleagues whether in solo, group practice or perhaps as a leader of an institution.  Here too, achieving defined objectives are usually based on Leadership and Organization Development.

For over thirty years I have had diverse leadership roles of several medical organizations. I have had the privilege of serving as president and now as a consultant to specialty medical societies to successfully promote their development with an emphasis on patient safety advocacy.

If you believe my consulting services may benefit you and wish to check my availability, please click this link to make an inquiry to my staff by email.