As I enjoy my successful Transition and second career as founder of Inspiring Effective Leadership, I have the pleasure and privilege of working directly with individuals within and outside the medical profession.  You are talented and motivated leaders that strive to lead yourselves and your organizations to greater accomplishments. This is one of several ways that I can help you:

Mentoring.  In this capacity I can help you, the business executive or physician leader on a one-to-one basis.  While I can usually help in different ways, I can be particularly helpful on matters of Leadership Development and Life Transitions.

Corporate executives or entrepreneurs benefit from adopting principles of Personal and Leadership Development.  These are critical for personal and professional success during your careers and especially during times of transition.

Similarly, physicians have unique transition challenges.  This may occur early, in mid-career or at the end of it.  I have lived through an unexpected end of career…a particularly difficult scenario.  I know that these transitions are very stressful to you and your family, whether the event is planned or unexpected. There are numerous personal, professional and business considerations. There is no natural preparation for these events such as the training we undergo.  From my successful experience and mentoring others, I can assure you that preparation is possible through thoughtful planning.  The benefit to you is empowering yourself to live through a positive experience…a Transition.

It is my hope to be helpful to you. One way I can do that is through Fernandez Professional Transitions instructional programs. If you believe that I may benefit you as a mentor and wish to check my availability, please click this link to make an inquiry to my staff by email.